Bad Luck

Interpretation is your whore
I think now there’s nothing what you do need me for
I will miss you knocking at my door
Because you think we can’t be friends anymore
At the end I am such a dick
I guess that’s always the message of this shit
And there is nothing I can do
Than saying goodbye for a last time to you

She said bad luck is a privelig I won’t miss
I’m such a fuck, she will find a way to resist me

At the end I am left to blame
For the score you did get for playing your game
And I feel like I’m such a shame
And I know that there is nothing left to gain
I feel so fucking pissed off
That I want to kill all the rebels on Hoth
And I hope that I find a way
To start a better living in the UK

Copyright © Matthias Herrmann

Copyrighted Image © Julian Rupp